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Your Own Custom site

At a price you really will NOT believe!

your massive opportunity awaits

What are we giving you?

A Custom Site Of Your OWN!

This is a totally hands off custom site build – you choose your niche and we will build you a modern style authority site!

It will take you just minutes to install the site on your own domain. And you can install your site on as many of your own domains as you wish! Buy once, deploy many times!

Included Social Media Images

As part of your package deal we’re including ready made social media images related to your niche.

You can use them on your site, or on social media to get backlinks to your site to help with ranking!

A Build For You PowerPoint Presentation

Presentations can build your authority in a niche, marking you out as the expert.

Included in your custom site build is your own PowerPoint presentation to help you promote your new site.

A Unique Lead Magnet

A lead magnet to give away to build your subscriber list? Yes, it’s included! You don’t have to write a single word.

You could spend hours and hours creating your own lead magnet, but why bother when we create one for you? And yes, if you want to you can sell the ebook instead of giving it away! It’s your choice.

Promo Webinar Video

We’ll create a a short promo video for you from the PowerPoint presentation that is included in your package.

You can use it on YouTube, or as an automated webinar to entice people to visit your site! 

Autoresponder Sequence

Keep your subscribers happy with an included email autoresponder sequence.

Just copy and paste the emails into your autoresponder – you can even use the emails to promote affiliate products!

Bonus Training Webinar Included!

Not sure where to start with all this? We’re not going to leave you high and dry!

As well as a training video to show you how simple and fast it is to install your site, we’re also including a full training webinar.

We’ll go over ways you can build out and enhance your site and monetize it.

We’ll cover ways to continue your autoresponder sequence and how to use the lead magnets we’re giving you. The training webinar alone is worth twice the cost of the entire package!

We even have an extra bonus training webinar showing you how to set up an autoresponder – for free – and get your email campaign set up and automated!

This training is priceless, but it’s included in your custom site build package.

The Package

A Complete Ready Made Site

We’re giving you your own complete and custom built site, ready to go. You can install the site on your own domain in literally minutes. It’s so simple even a child could do it.

After install (literally in minutes) you’ll have a fully working site with great unique content ready to go in niche of your choosing.

Complete with 100% uniqued articles based around popular keywords in your chosen niche, your site will save you masses of time.

If you had to build it yourself from scratch, creating every article, the PowerPoint presentation, the social media images, the webinar video and the lead magnet would take you several weeks or longer!

The installation onto your own domain takes minutes so there’s no excuse not to have your new site live today! 

Your Lead Magnet

We’ll create your unique lead magnet report (approximately 10,000 words). YOU choose how to use it! You can give it away in exchange for a subscriber signup, or you can sell it. 

Want to buy your own lead magnet? It will cost you $445 on its own! Check out this screenshot from an ebook (lead magnet) provider!

Powerpoint Presentation

We’ll create a PowerPoint presentation for you to use to promote your new site. You can use the presentation as is, or modify and enhance it to your heart’s content.

PowerPoint presentations can be used in multiple ways, live on webinars, in automated webinars, to create videos, to teach and in so many other ways.

Automated Webinar Video

From your PowerPoint presentation we will create a short video that you can use as an automated webinar. 

Use it as a signup tool and to promote your site and lead magnet.

Automated webinars are a great tool for getting new subscribers – with the video we’ll make for you you don’t even have to lift a finger!

(You will need an automated webinar service of course)

This is a sample video

Autoresponder Sequence

Win subscribers with the lead magnets we provide and then use the included autoresponder email sequence to build the relationship.

You can promote affiliate offers, bring them back to your site, educate them, keep them invested in the content you publish.

Social Media Images

Love it or hate it, social media works. We weill create a batch of ready made social media images for you to help promote your site and build backlinks to it for better SEO.

Just Look At Everything Included In this Package

Frequently Asked Questions

It shows sold out – how do I buy?

We’ll be releasing another batch in the future.

Is my site unique?

Your site will be unique and exclusive to you.

How soon do I get the install file?

The bespoke sites are built indvidually. Allow 10 to 14 days for delivery to you.

What if I change my mind about my niche after order?

Please choose your niche carefully – if we have started your site build we cannot change the niche after that point. If your site is still in the queue and no work has been done we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Is the site and content mine to do with as I please?

The site and the content we create for you is 100% yours. Do as you wish with the site – it’s all yours!

I’m not sure how to install a site file – can you install it for me?

We give you full training on how to get the site onto your own domain. It normally only takes a few minutes.

But if you prefer us to install it for you that service is available. Just contact us for pricing details. 

I don’t get it – what are these sites for?

A unique custom authority style site is a great way to make money online by selling your own products, or promoting affiliate offers. And it’s a great way of building a mailing list and as you know, the money is in the list!