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The Money Sites that have Made Us, and others, $100,000.00+ with Adsense!

Give Google what they want and establish a SOLID business, custom graphics, unique content, social media integration, on-page
optimization, media integration, custom WordPress theme and a Quick-Start PDF that explains how to take your site to the next level!


Gone are the days when an Internet Marketer could throw up a quick and easy website, load it full of barely readable content, get rankings and pull in a profit. These days, not only is the average Internet user looking for more legitimate websites, the search engines are too!

If you want to be an authority in your niche, there are several things that you simply MUST do, in today’s day and age, in order to instantly show the search engines and your potential audience that your website is worthy of their trust. Luckily, at NicheJet, we’ve done it all for you!

We’ve Done it all for You!

Click Below to Become an Authority Today!

6,040+ NJ sites ordered to date! $2497 Only $1997!

Similar sites sell for $1,000+ elsewhere!

*U.S. Customers, Choose “Bill Me Later” and split up the payments!

What You Get with Your Order:

WordPress installed, configured and optimized for both search engines and users

Keyword research so each page is targeting a profitable topical keyword with good search volume.

High quality, premium stock images added to each page and a relevant YouTube video embedded.

Free Quick-Start PDF tells you everything about your new site(s) & provides advice on possible next steps.

Social media integration (Facebook comments, Facebook like widget, social share).

A brand-based domain name registered (or you can provide your own domain).

Premium theme purchased, integrated and customized to fit your overall site.


5 pages worth of high-quality, keyword driven, 100% unique content written and published to the site.

Custom graphics created and integrated (Custom header graphic, favicon, facebook icon etc.).

On-Page SEO done including solid internal linking structure, targeted page titles and more.

Video & PDF Training

Included with your order is an in-depth training video and our quick-start success guide PDF, both of which will give you extremely valuable information on how you can take your brand new authority site to the next level and beyond!

In this guide we explain the best ways to do everything from publishing content and monetizing, to promoting your new site and generating traffic.

This excellent PDF is designed to help anyone, whether brand new to Internet Marketing or experienced, take their new site and run with it so that you not only look legitimate and trusted, but you are ARE legitimate and trusted with an active, devout following!

What People are Saying:

“I have used the services more than once. Why? Because it’s dependable and fast.

NicheJet provides me the security of knowing I’m getting a high quality website that Google loves combined with outstanding customer service.”

Elaine Wilson
NicheJet Customer

“I recently purchased a nichejet site and was really pleased that it was able to be built on my own web hosting account for me and didn’t require me to pay for hosting when I already have loads. The content is really high quality, has videos and image sliders and they even integrated my AdSense code into the site for me, so I’m really pleased with the results.”

Roger Davies

“Nichejet is an amazing service. They offer an a great dependable service where you can rely on the ability to create good sites that Google loves. I’ll be back again soon!”

Chad Arrington

“Thanks for a great site…[it] looks awesome.

I am impressed with the quality of it and the quality of the articles.”

Michael Bannert
NicheJet Customer

Click Below to Become an Authority Today!

6,040+ NJ sites ordered to date! $2497 Only $1997!

Similar sites sell for $1,000+ elsewhere!

*U.S. Customers, Choose “Bill Me Later” and split up the payments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a Facebook page with my order?

 Yes. We create a Facebook page and integrate it with the authority site. We then give you admin privileges. Once you are an admin, you can remove us as admin.


What is the process after payment?

After your order is received, you will be sent to a thank you page. On that page you will provide what niche you want your site to cover, keywords, hosting account info etc. This page is static, meaning you can bookmark it and come back to it later if needed. If you want us to choose your niche and keywords, just leave those fields blank and we will do it for you.



Do I pick the niche? Can it be any niche?

You can pick the niche if you like, or you can leave it blank and we’ll pick one for you. There are no restrictions on the niche, aside from the normal industry restrictions (hate, adult, etc.).


Do I pick the domain name(s)?

You can provide your own URL (that you’ve already registered) or we can register one based on the brand name you provide. If you don’t provide a brand name, we will come up with one for you and register a domain based on that.


What about hosting?

On the thank you page you will provide the cPanel login details where you want your site hosted. We will build the site directly on your hosting account.


Will I have full admin access?

Yes. You own the site. It is a normal WordPress site. You will receive WordPress admin login details.


Can I buy these sites to resell to my own clients?

Yes! We have regular customers who have made a business from selling these sites to their customers for a handsome profit! You can charge whatever you like to your customers and you keep the profit!

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