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Proven, Done-For-You Niche Money sites!

We build high-quality, optimized done-for-you websites in over 100+ niches.
These sites are ready to profit from day one! By one or buy them in bulk and save!

You’ll Never Have to Build Another Site Again!

NicheJet is a hands-off site-building service. We start off by finding valuable keywords to target. We then give you the option to choose from that list of profitable keywords (once a keyword is chosen, it’s removed from the list) or provide your own. We then find a good domain (or you can provide your own), register it and install WordPress on the site.

After that’s done, our expert writers create a 100% unique, article targeting your keyword. We optimize the homepage to target that keyword. Then we optimize the site and feed it high quality, relevant content that is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique.

Once this is all done the site is 100% yours to make any changes and monetize it as you see fit!

More Niche Profits w/ Less Work!

5,962 NJ sites ordered to date! Only $127!

*U.S. Customers, Choose “Bill Me Later” and split up the payments!

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What You Get with Your Order:

WordPress installed & optimized for Search Engine placement including an optimized internal linking structure, optimal keyword placement and more.

A complete website targeting a keyword that you choose from our list of thousands of highly profitable keywords that have met specific guidelines that we set! (Or you can provide your own keywords if you like.)

We’ll find and register a great domain using the keyword you choose, or if you like, you can provide your own domain!

On-page SEO done on the site that meets today’s strict standards with Google and Bing alike!

Google Adsense integration. We install a quality Adsense plugin on all sites and activate it if you provide your Adsense Pub ID, for instant monetization!

The homepage of your NicheJet site(s) will contain a 100% unique, hand-written article specifically targeting the homepage keyword!


100 days worth of Drip-fed, QUALITY, Highly Unique, Search Engine Friendly posts of 500-1,000 words published one per day.

Free Quick-Start PDF that tells you everything about your new site(s) and provides advice on possible next steps.

Quick-Start Success Guide

Along with your order you will also receive our quick-start success guide. In this guide we explain everything that has been done with your new site(s) and we layout suggested next steps.

Everything from content tips to link building and traffic generation is covered, so that you’re not let on your own after you receive your site. We’ve had many customers take their NicheJet sites to a whole new level after putting the action steps in this guide into place.

We’ll even take the site back and refund your money if you’re not happy with the success of your NicheJet site, so there is absolutely no risk.

Check Out This NicheJet Demo Site!

As you can see, NicheJet sites are high-quality websites that please both users and search engines.


This demo site has held a top 10 ranking in Google for several great keywords and it has even generated some natural backlinks.

Of course we can’t promise that your site will rank on it’s own without further promotion, but we can promise that the quality and potential is there for EVERY NicheJet site that is produced!

What People are Saying:

“One of my NicheJet sites is already ranking on page 1 of Google! :-* the best I have ever done myself is page 3.”

Dan Annweiler

NicheJet Customer

“…You guys are awesome … THANKS AGAIN! I will definitely let my affiliate marketing friends know about NJ.”

Marc Harmon


“I saw the presentation from regarding building a ‘done for you’ “Niche” site. The price seemed really reasonable so I purchased a site. Well, they built it extremely fast! And low and behold, we are ranked for the keyword “SEO CONSULTANT SPECIALIST” between #1 and #3! If they can keep this up I will buy these by the dozens!! Thank you Niche Jet!”

Larry Gonzales

NicheJet Customer

“I have ordered 2 Niche Jet sites and am very impressed with the quality of them. This has saved me a lot of time and I’m really glad I invested in them. They have a nice theme and the on-page SEO seems to be spot on. The articles read well and I really don’t have to do anything except admire (and build some links down the track). Good work guys!”

Wendy Ann

NicheJet Customer

“This service is great because these sites are set up so much better than other Web site services! The sites look so personal, and the fact that they have unique content as well as great back links added MANUALLY is such a great addition.”

Edward Jeshua

NicheJet Customer

“I am so happy that I came across NicheJet.  I purchased over three sites and more than happy with the outcome.  Almost unbelievable how professional all of the niche sites are.  I am and will continue to keep in touch with the team.  Very helpful in all situations. Thanks.”

David Rhodes

NicheJet Customer

“I never thought you would accelerate this site on Google in two weeks! I was surprised when I saw it .You guys rock!”

Harry Connor Jr.

NicheJet Customer

“NicheJet was one of the best things to happen to me, in my 6 and a half years of being online.”

Susan Mumford

NicheJet Customer

Ready to DOMINATE a Niche now?

Just click below and choose your niche from our list of over 140 popular, profitable niches.

More Niche Profits w/ Less Work!

5,962 NJ sites ordered to date! Only $127!

*U.S. Customers, Choose “Bill Me Later” and split up the payments!

(on checkout page)

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